As part of the regular OMC visits to company sites, SOO’s OMC chairman, Mr. Fathi Issa, carried out a two-day field trip to areas A107 and A91 on the 27th-28th of August 2021. the chairman was accompanied during the trip by OMC member for Operations, Maintenance, and Drilling, & Workover, Mr. Fathi Algabbasi.

Other OMC members were not able to participate as planned in this field-trip due to new precautionary measures implemented prior to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, which caused flights from Tripoli to the oilfields to be canceled.

The trip coincided with a major event for SOO; its successful completion of the Gas Lift Repair(GLR) Project, and hence the chairman’s first day of the trip was mostly dedicated to visiting the site of the GLR Project at Assarah Station.

while congratulating the employees, the chairman expressed his genuine appreciation for the hard efforts exerted by SOO employees which was a major factor in the success of this project. He also commended the teamwork and professionalism by which the project was executed.

Also during the Assarah station visit, the chairman conducted an inspection tour of the newly laid pipelines that replaced the ones which were damaged in the 2017 explosion incident.

Visit to Assarah Station