The Health, Safety, Security, Environment department at Sarir Oil Operations (SOO) is responsible for assisting and advising management and employees on all HSE matters.

Our Vision

‘We prevent harm to people, the environment, our assets and reputation by controlling our barriers and promoting a strong HSE culture’.

‘We’ means all of us at Sarir Oil Operations. And beyond. We can only accomplish our mission if we act together with our partners, contractors and suppliers.

Preventing harm to people, the environment, our assets and reputation is always our focus. It is also a direct reference to our commitment for continuous improvement.

We identify, extract and reinforce good practices and implement measures to prevent recurrence of substandard processes and results. We always try to learn from our own and others’ experiences and improve our performance.

Our Vision is ZERO HARM.

Our Mission

We have defined a mission comprising six elements which are key to being a responsible operator.

  • Major Accident Prevention – Implementing and maintaining robust barriers to prevent accidents from occurring and mitigate escalation in case of accidents.
  • Safe & Healthy Workplace – Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of those working on our behalf
  • Environmental Protection – Minimizing our environmental impact everywhere we operate
  • Security – Identifying, understanding and acting to reduce security risks to protect the company, our colleagues and ensure business continuity.
  • Managing Risk – Increasing competence, risk and opportunity awareness
  • Acting Together – Encouraging the organization to achieve a strong HSE culture and meet our HSE Goals