Sarir Oil Operations is steered by an Operator Management Committee (OMC) that brings together experienced members with a diverse range of expertise.

The following gentlemen are SOO’s esteemed chairman and members of the OMC:

Mr. Fathi Adbussalam Issa
Chairman of the OMC

Mr. Fathi Abdussalam Issa

Chairman of the Operator Management Committee (OMC)

Born in Ajdabyia 1961, Mr. Issa obtained his bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Tripoli University in 1985. He also holds a master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the United Kingdom’s Heriot-Watt University in 1995.
Mr. Issa has been Chairman of Sarir Oil Operations’ Operator Management Committee since October 2020.
A skilled engineer and experienced executive, Mr. Issa brings to SOO more than 30 years of experience in the Libyan oil and gas industry. He began his professional career in 1985 as a junior Petroleum Engineer with Sirte Oil Company (SOC). Throughout his years with SOC Mr. Issa assumed various senior managerial and executive roles such as Petroleum Engineering Superintendent in 1999, and Drilling and Petroleum Engineering Manager in 2008. In 2009 Mr. Issa became a SOC Management Committee Member and General Manager of the Operations Department, where he was in charge of Production Operations, Drilling and Workover, Field Maintenance, Production Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, and Gas Transmission and Supply.
In September 2011, Mr. Issa was appointed as Chairman of SOC’s Interim Management Committee.
Mr. Issa also worked as an advisor to the NOC Chairman from March 2012 until May 2015.
In May 2015, Mr. Issa was appointed a member of the Harouge
Oil Operations’ Management Committee.
Mr. Issa was appointed to the newly established Sarir Oil Operations as Chairman of the Operator Management Committee in January 2020, and on the 20th of October 2020, the official handover date between Wintershall and Sarir Oil Operations, Mr. Issa assumed his duties and responsibilities as Chairman.

Mr. Jamal Salim Hussein

OMC Member -Division 1-  Finance, Administration, and Services.

Born in Tripoli, 1978, Mr. Hussien holds a Master’s degree in International Business (Derby University UK, 2011), a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (Libya 2001), and a Master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management (Libya 2009).
Mr. Hussien is SOO’s OMC member heading Division 1 for Finance, Administration, and Services.
Mr. Hussien’s experience in the Libyan oil and gas industry is enriched by the
wide range of tasks he undertook. He began his career at NOC in 2003, and assumed various roles and responsibilities, he was the Companies’ Audit and Follow-Up Department Coordinator from March 2013 to 2016, he also worked as Acting Manager of the same department.

During his work with NOC, Mr. Hussien was appointed to various NOC auditing and financial committees including; the Eni North Africa’s Owners Committee as NOC representative, Brega Oil Company Committee which he chaired and which was tasked with overseeing the control and operational activities of the company, and the Steering Committee tasked with determining the advantage/disadvantage of defragmenting a major operating company. He was also a member of the Negotiation Committee tasked with liaising with the Board of Directors to oversee a transition of a major oil company, and Chairman of the Joint Audit Committee formed to oversee the effects of an oil company in transition.
Mr. Jamal was assigned to the Bahar Salam phase 2 Project in Aberdeen UK as Cost Controller from March 2017 to December 2018.
In 2019 Mr. Hussien became Senior Audit Specialist in NOC’s Audit and Follow-Up Department.
In January 2020, Mr. Hussien was appointed to Sarir Oil Operations Operator Management Committee, and on the 20th October 2020 with the official handover between Wintersall and SOO, Mr. Hussien officially took on his duties as Head of Division 1 responsible for Finance, Administrations, and Services.

Mr. Jamal Hussein
OMC Member – Division 1
Finance, Administration, & Services,
Mr. Kamaledin Hashad
OMC Member – Division 2
Reservoir, Geoscience, & Engineering

Mr. Kamaledin Lamin Hashad

OMC Member -Division 2- Reservoir Engineering, Geoscience, and Engineering . 

Born in Tripoli 1957, Mr. Hashad holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA – 1980.

Mr. Hashad has been working in the oil sector since 1981 gaining extensive knowledge and experience throughout the years:

Mr. Hashad started his professional career in Waha Oil Company as an Automation Specialist and assumed various roles and responsibilities including Senior Automation Supervisor, Project Manager, Manager of Major Projects Department, and Senior Advisor to Management Committee with hands-on experience and management role in automation and surface facilities projects through Operations, Engineering & Major Projects Departments and Consultant Committee.

In February 2020, Mr. Hashad was appointed a member of SOO’s Operator Management Committee, and on the 20th of October 2020, he took on his duties as Head of Division 2 for Reservoir, Geoscience, and Engineering Departments, Mr. Hashad plays a leading role with emphasis on enhancement and accomplishment of distinctive work in a teamwork spirit to achieve Company goals and vision.

Mr. Fathi Adburrahim Algabasi

OMC Member -Division 3- Operations, Maintenance, and Drilling & Workover.

Born in Awjila, Mr. Algabasi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum engineering from the Bright Star University of Technology.

Mr. Algabasi is member of the Operator Management Committee heading Division 3 for Operations, Maintenance, and Drilling & Workover.

Mr. Algabasi started his career in the oil and gas industry at Veba Oil Operations in August 1992 as a Junior Production Engineer and soon advanced to Senior Production Engineer. Throughout his 11 year employment with Veba Mr. Algabasi worked in all Veba oil fields in Upstream Operations, Well Intervention & Testing, Well Workover & Completion Operations, and Rigless Operations.
In January 2004 Mr. Algabasi joined Wintershall Libya as Well-Services Supervisor, supervising completion operations and rigless well intervention & testing operations. His years with both Veba and Wintershall provided him with broad knowledge and experience in the Libyan oil sector.
Mr. Algabasi was elected to the Libyan House of Representatives in August 2014 as Awjilah MP for six years till his resignation in January 2020.
In February 2020 he resumed his duties with Wintershall Libya.
In October 2020, SOO was established and Mr. Algabasi was entrusted by Wintershall AG to represent them as a member of the OMC heading Division 3 for Operations, Maintenance, & Drilling.
ensuring that all operating procedures are followed during the execution of SOO operations.

Mr.Fathi Algabasi
OMC Member – Division 3
Operations, Maintenance, and Drilling & Workover.

Mr. Aladdin Zwawi
OMC Member – Division 4
Materials, Projects, Information & Communication Technology

Mr. Aladdin Ahmed Zwawi

OMC Member -Division 4- Material & Logistics, Projects & Constructions, and  Inofrmation & Communication Technology.

Born in Tripoli, Mr. Aladdin brings to SOO a diverse and rich professional experience. A degree in Management, Petroleum Engineering Diploma from SAIT Polytechnic combined with more than 29 years of experience in the energy sector. The first 14 years of Aladdin’s professional experience started in 1992 working in the oil and gas industry in western Canada in various roles ranging from a buyer, supply chain specialist, and development manager.
In 2006 Mr. Alaadin joined Verenex Energy in their exploration campaign in Libya under the EPSA regime as Procurement and Logistics Coordinator. In 2008 he joined Wintershall AG Libya as logistics Superintend and in 2012 was promoted to Procurement Manager.

In 2020 Mr. Alaadin was entrusted by Wintershall AG to represent them as a member of the SOO’s OMC to lead Division 4 which includes Materials, ICT, Projects, and Construction.