SOO activities are focused on the development and production of hydrocarbons across the two contract areas, Area 91 and Area 107, covering  nine oil fields across these two contract areas.

Both areas are located in the Sirte Basin about 1,000 kilometers southeast of the capital Tripoli, in the Al-Wahat area

Area 91 (Ex C-96) in the Sirte basin near the oasis of Jakhira. Area 91 covers a total surface of 187 km2 and two producing fields were discovered by Wintershall (now WintershallDea): Jakhira and As Sarah.

  • The As Sarah oil field was discovered in early 1989 by well B1-96 and started production in August 1989. It is in the SE of the Sirte basin near the oasis of Jakhira and has a producing area above initial oil-water contact (OWC) of 22 km2.
  • The Jakhira oilfield was discovered in 1969 by drilling well A1-96 and started production in March 1976. The producing area covers 7 km2 (1600 acres).