On behalf of myself, the Operator Management Committee, and all Sarir Oil Operations(SOO) employees I gladly welcome you to our newly launched Sarir Oil Operations website. Designed to be a gateway for our valued visitors, it provides an insight into our company, its various activities, and the ambitious goals we strive to achieve. The website also acts as an official platform for communicating with all individuals and parties interested in our emerging company, its activities, and the activities of the Libyan Oil and Gas Industry in general.

Despite being relatively new to the Libyan Oil and Gas scene, SOO’s roots date back to the early beginnings of this well-established industry, As the successors of the German Wintershall-Libya, we took over operatorship in the two contract areas, Area 91 and Area  107 which had been previously operated by Wintershall-Libya for around five decades, creating both a rich legacy and an extremely qualified and experienced Libyan workforce, enhancing SOO’s position as a reliable partner and a strong competitor.

With this experienced workforce, and with an  Operator Management Committee I am proud to preside which consists of fellow members known for their experience, expertise, and their ambitious vision for the future, with this great team, which brings tradition and modernity together, SOO was launched, and by Allah’s grace, our launch was remarkably crowned with success.

And as I welcome you once again to this platform, I also invite you to share with us any comments and/or suggestions you may have that aim to improve and enrich our website.

Thank you and best regards,

Fathi Adbussalam Issa

Chairman of the Operator Management Committee