The 7th of July 2021 witnessed a major event for SOO with the successful restart of the Gas Lift Repair system, this came after a four-year halt that started in January 2017 with the unfortunate incident where one of the gas pipelines exploded, thankfully there were no human causalities, but the resulting damage from the explosion caused a cease in the Gas Lift System that reinjected associated gas into the reservoir to generate more well pressure and hence increase well production rates.

 The restart of the Gas Lift system is expected to substantially increase our overall production by a notable 27%.  In addition to the production rate increase, another foreseeable benefit of this project is the return of operations to the Gas Utilization Plant (GUP), this will, in turn, provide the market with additional quantities of gas which could help in resolving some of the hurdles facing electricity generation throughout the country. The resulting condensates produced by the GUP can also be used to provide more cooking gas.

and with the success of this project, the SOO’s OMC chairman and members would like to once again reiterate their genuine gratitude to all SOO employees in general, and to the  GLR project team in particular, who had work hard and relentlessly to accomplish this achievement.