SOO OMC Chairman and members along with several SOO department managers conducted a field trip to SOO field sites during the holy month of Ramadan to congratulate in person all field employees and extend their best wishes for the holy month. The trip also included an inspection tour around field sites.

The esteemed guests enjoyed Iftar gatherings with employees of A91 and A107 during their stay and the OMC regular monthly meeting was also held in the Nakhla field where several topics related to managing SOO field operations were discussed. The visit is a part of SOO management’s efforts to enhance its communication and interaction with field employees, and to understand and resolve their daily challenges and tasks in order to boost their work efficiency.

The guests also attended the final match of the Ramadan mini football league, where the HSEQ team won the final match held in Nakhla stadium.

At the end of this visit, OMC chairman expressed his gratitude to all employees, affirming his continued support for them, aiming to achieve the company’s goals.