Gas Utilization Plant Restart in A91

Today, we celebrate one of the most important company achievements of the year, the restart of operations in Gas Utilization Plant (GUP) yesterday, the 6th June 2023, consequently resulting in the resumption of exportation of condensates and lean gas after a shutdown that lasted for the past decade. This achievement is the accumulation of harmonized efforts of national work teams from all the relevant departments, most notably, Operations & maintenance department.

It is our pride and joy for our company to become one of the vital producing units in Libyan oil industry aiming to reinforce national economy and local gas demand. This achievement comes to crown the relentless efforts that fieldwork teams exerted to prepare for this event.

Taking this opportunity, OMC Chairman & Members warmly thank all the teams that contributed to this achievement, each and every single position and role, wishing all of them everlasting success and prosperity.