Intelligent pigging for the pipelines both Areas. A91/A107

نشر في: مارس 22, 2023

رقم العطاء: STC-ENG-01-2023

Sarir Oil Operations has the intention to contract a pipeline services Company to perform in-line inspection program for some of its pipelines and trunklines.

This scope of work will describe the required steps of intelligent pigging work to be performed for each pipeline or trunkline, and it lists some of the technical data for each pipeline/trunkline.

The aim of this project is to perform in-line inspection program by intelligent pigging of 10 pipelines used for oil, gas, and condensate with sizes from 8” to 20” and the longest pipe is 80Km and the shortest is 2Km. We need to have a detailed and consistent integrity program plan for Sarir pipelines at Jakhira A91, Nakhla A107, and Zueitina A103A Fields which are located in the Sirit basin approximately 400Km south of Benghazi in the Libya desert.

Accordingly, we invite suppliers who are specialized and experienced in this field to participate in this pre-qualification and to fill out the Letter of Intent- LOI form (Attachment No. 1), and submit them along with the financial and legal files as described in (Attachment No. 2) .


  • SOO reserves its right to reject any or all companies at its sole discretion. Such act by SOO shall be final and shall not be contested or challenged by any participants.
  • The company will deal only with the persons officially authorized by the companies applying for pre-qualification.
  • The company has the right to extend the pre-qualification period for another period of time if necessary, provided that the additional period is automatically announced on the company and National Oil Corporation websites.
  • All costs of whatsoever nature incurred in the preparation and submission of the documents, including visits, if any, incurred in connection with this invitation, shall be borne by companies intended to participate in the prequalification process and tendering process (if qualified) and will not be claimed under any circumstances.


  • The last date to receive the documents is 09/04/2023 at 02:00 pm, local time. Accordingly, all interested contractors should submit the required information no later than the above-mentioned date. Any document submitted after this date will be disregarded.

The documents are to be submitted prior to the specified deadline date to the following address:

  • One hardcopy to be hand-delivered to the company address:

Sarir Oil Operations, Corinthia Commercial Centre, Tripoli, P.O. Box: 469 & 905 & 91050, Phone: 3350140

  • Another electronic copy by email to:

For any inquiries, please, contact the tender committee secretariat by email or by phone at: 021 3350140-7

Ext: 11513


  1. Intention to bid Form.
  2. Required legal and financial documents.